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total timber frameTimber frame Home Building

We supply quality timber frame kits for self build and commercial home developers across Wales and the UK We combine cutting edge manufacturing processes with a professional, bespoke service to deliver a fully customised product designed for the life you build.

Timber frame homes have many benefits for self-builders and architects alike, making timber frame design construction the fastest growing method of construction in the UK.

timberframe kits carmarthenTimber frame homes are highly efficient. The ease with which you can achieve outstanding u-values is exemplary, compared with other traditional forms of construction. Timber frame homes are also very time and cost-efficient, which is always critical within an architect-managed build programme.

Offsite production at our state of the art workshop ensures a quality product that is easier to manage through the various stages of construction. Timber frame homes are also often supplied in kit packages. This can greatly benefit the processes of an architect who has the job of pulling together all the components of a bespoke one-off project.

timberframe company walesThe design possibilities of a timber frame home are limitless. Timber frame design and production can be as bespoke as your individual design perspective.

As manufacturers of timber frame kit homes for one-off bespoke projects, we’re great fans of timber frames and we can meet you timber frame requirement whether you are a small developer or a main contractor. 

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